Do what you do best…

We are convinced that focus is one of the most critical elements for any kind of success in business. That’s why we do what we do best, and we cooperate with partners who fit to our experience, skills, and business strategy and share our work ethic and demand for excellence in work.

Natecs International…

Works exclusively with manufacturers of industrial inspection systems. And we are strictly focused on providing expert sales and professional customer support in North America.
That’s it.

The companies we partner with…

Have achieved an excellent reputation providing an impressive return on invest to their customers. They excel through technology leadership and outstanding customer support rather than just price. Their customer base includes some global players.

Our partners are aware of significant cultural differences between Europe and North America – especially in business. But they know too that the value of their company will grow significantly through a successful entry into the North American market.

Fits you and meets your needs?

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