Our Services


Natecs International is much more than just a distributing entity. We’ll make sure your company is professionally represented in the U.S. and Canada. We work with companies who are dedicated to achieve significant growth in North America. Partnering with us, you can start covering this market much sooner than with any other strategy.


In sales we behave just like a classic distributor. We buy, import and sell the goods, manage the local sales force, coordinate daily activities, and ensure proper communication with you.


Where needed, we perform technical support as well as local spare part sales. In general, we will agree with you on a training program for our technicians as well as on a list of critical spare parts to be held here in our warehouse, appropriate to the installed base. You would provide these parts on a contingency basis.

Business Planning

Natecs International is NOT a consulting firm. We love to get things done and yield results 🙂 rather than just giving advice. Nonetheless, during the planning phase of your market entry, our experience will help you coming up with a realistic business plan, which will withstand any professional scrutiny, performed for example by your investors. Our MBA has gained a wealth of experience in this field, specifically referring to European companies entering the North American market and we’d like to share this experience with our business partners.


In accordance to our mutual business plan, we will hire the required personnel, exactly where your target markets are concentrated. For this purpose we partner with professional recruiters operating in different areas of the U.S. and Canada.

Marketing and Market Communications

If there is any field of business, where cultural differences are more than obvious, this is the one. Understanding existing reservations against European suppliers and dealing with them in any aspect of customer communication is crucial for fast success. Besides contributing our own experience, we partner with professional resources experienced in global technology marketing.